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Application Areas


Feedthroughs for high-vacuum applications

High-voltage feedthroughs for vacuum technology

nsulating tubes for high-vacuum technology

High current feedthroughs for energy systems

Image-intensifier for radiology

X-Ray tube for radiology

Accelerator tube for radiology

Pressure sensor for aerospace

Wafer carrier for the semiconductor industry

Test plates for the semiconductor industry

Sensor elements for the semiconductor industry

Ozone generator for the semiconductor industry

Tubes, rods and capillaries for high temperature applications

Thermal protection tubes for the glass and metallurgical industries

Thermal protection tubes for high temperature applications

Crucibles and boats for industry and research

Glow-block for heat treatment of lamp filaments

Dielectric elements for fuel cells

Dielectric elements for fuel cells

FZY-probes for oxygen measurement in gases

Guide strip for the printing industry

Isolator for the printing industry

Square tubes for the printing industry

Shaping roller for the glass industry

Adhesive nozzle for the paper industry

Valve disc for pulp-processing

Vacuum plate for paper-making

Camera housing for aerospace

Control discs for production and laboratory processes

Dosing pistons with control edge for the food-processing and pharmaceutical industries

Pump inserts for medical technology

Float body for flow-measurement in the chemical industry

Electrode holder for flow-measurement in the chemical industry

Flow meters for the food-processing industry

Welding pins for automotive-body manufacture

Centring pin for automotive-body manufacture

Metal-forming tools for automotive-body manufacture

Isolation shells for magnetically-coupled pump in the chemical industry

Pump impeller for the chemical industry

Stirrers for the chemical industry

High-pressure pump piston for the chemical industry

Protection tubes for the glass industry

Midget file for the glass-processing industry

Hand lappers for the glass-processing industry

Grinding wheel for the glass-processing industry

Grinding tools for metal working

Bench-stones for metal working

Mounted points for metal working

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