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Fine Grinding Tools

For surface finishing of very hard materials

Detailed information on the material properties, performance and application areas is given below, or for information on the available product forms, please use the buttons to the left.

FRIALIT-DEGUSSIT Fine Grinding Tools consist of a mixed crystal of exceptional hardness; the main element is aluminium oxide. The characteristic red colour of the tools is the result of an admixture of chromium oxide. This crystal is found in nature as ruby - hence the material is sometimes known as 'sintered ruby'.

FRIALIT-DEGUSSIT Fine Grinding Tools are bond-free, and the great hardness of the sintered crystals results in high wear resistance and excellent shape stability. This property is particularly important for precision work to ensure finest surface finishes and accuracy of shapes. The outstanding wear resistance also offers economical advantages.

You may chip cut the surface of a work-piece, and at the same time pressure strengthen and polish (the latter with the fine type of tools only).

The following pictures compare the performance of a bonded and a bond-free abrasive file:

Picture 1:

Profile of triangular files after treatment with hardened steel


below: bonded file

Picture 1 contrasts the profile of a bonded with the bondless FRIALIT-DEGUSSIT file. Each file has been used to cut a groove into a piece of steel of 60 Rockwell hardness under identical conditions. The bonded file shows a trough 1 mm deep on the whole working length. The sharp edge of the file is completely gone and a slight camber can be observed.

The FRIALIT-DEGUSSIT file however has no damage to its sharp edge.

Picture 2:

Ground grooves into hardened steel (2 mm, 60 Rockwell)

above: with FRIALIT-DEGUSSIT file

below: with a bonded file

Picture 2 shows the working area on the steel piece. The area abraded on with the bonded file does not show the original profile any more. This file has left a wide groove only, because after a short period of abrading the bonded file has lost its sharp edge.

The groove made by the FRIALIT-DEGUSSIT file is well shaped and shows a sharp angle.


Application areas

FRIALIT-DEGUSSIT Fine Grinding Tools
are used for fine grinding, touching up and deburring. Particular economical advantages are obtained when working with hardened steel, glass and porcelain.

Tool and die manufacturers
FRIALIT-DEGUSSIT Whetstones and abrasive files are used for the manufacture of cutting, stamping, bending and pressing tools as well as for the sharpening and deburring of all kinds of tools. The use of midget files and mounted points is advantageous for after treatment of holes, slits and formed parts. Mounted points and wheels serve also for the last finish at extrusion, pressing and casting tools, as well as all tool moulds for manufacturing plastics.

Fine Mechanics and Watch Industry
FRIALIT-DEGUSSIT fine grinding tools are needed in the watch, sewing machine, office machine, phonograph and instrument industry for the following purposes: Fine grinding, deburring, adjusting, smoothing, polishing. Pivots, axles, bearing and guide bushes are being ground and burnished. Burnishing is a fine cutting method for which FRIALIT-DEGUSSIT burnishing wheels are best suited.

Electrical Industry
FRIALIT-DEGUSSIT fine grinding tools are used in manufacturing processes and assemblage. FRIALIT-DEGUSSIT profiled wheels are especially suitable for spiral grinding of high ohmic resistances. The shape stability of the profile is considerably higher than that of bonded wheels.

Optical Industry
FRIALIT-DEGUSSIT wheels and whetstones are needed for deburring and chamfering of lenses and for grinding mould marks after pressing. FRIALIT-DEGUSSIT mounted points are used for marking and lettering on cameras, binoculars, telescopes, microscopes and other measuring instruments.

General machine and apparatus manufacturers
FRIALIT-DEGUSSIT fine grinding tools find many applications in manufacture and assemblage; in the deburring of tools and work-pieces; sharpening; touching up and chamfering of cutting tools; grinding of centre-holes; fine grinding of hardened and highly strengthened work-pieces (hydraulic cylinders, injection pumps, valves, steering parts, etc.); scaling; chamfering and fine grinding of gauges and standard measures.

Glass Industry
FRIALIT-DEGUSSIT wheels are successfully used for cutting, grinding and chamfering of fluorescent, television and electronic tubes, moreover, for grooving, graduating and gauging of laboratory ware and measuring ampoules. With mounted points and wheels it is possible to inscribe, to decorate and frost cups and bottle glass. In decorating and grinding lines on drinking glasses on automatic grinding machines, the finished picture is excellent. The life of the profile of FRIALIT-DEGUSSIT wheels is outstanding in comparison with bonded wheels. FRIALIT-DEGUSSIT wheels can be re-profiled from time to time with diamond wheels. Deep engraving of lead crystal glass cannot be achieved with FRIALIT-DEGUSSIT wheels.

Porcelain Industry
FRIALIT-DEGUSSIT wheels are used for grinding off soiling and defects. Brims of plates and cups are finished with FRIALIT-DEGUSSIT fine grinding tools.

Other Industries
FRIALIT-DEGUSSIT fine grinding tools are also used for any other fine grinding work, for instance in the following branches:

  • car industry

  • metal ware industry

  • plastics industry

  • rubber and tire industry

  • fountain pen industry

  • textile industry

  • wood industry

  • ironworks

  • chemical industry

  • ceramic industry

  • craft and trade.



Type fine with a very fine surface obtained by diamond grinding is used for the finest precision work.

Type medium has a better grip.

Type coarse is roughened by silicon carbide powder. Only whetstones and abrasive files are delivered in this type.


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