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Tubes, Rods and Laboratory Ware

Extreme conditions?    Extreme variety!

DEGUSSIT is the registered trademark for oxide ceramic products manufactured from high purity raw-materials by various manufacturing techniques

The advantages
  • extreme purity

  • extreme resistance to corrosion

  • high dielectric strength

  • good thermal conductivity

  • stable in both oxidising and reducing atmospheres

  • ultra-high vacuum resistant

  • stable at high temperatures

  • good resistance to thermal shock


A wide range of sizes from tiny extruded tubes to large isostatically-pressed ones.  Thin-walled and multibore insulators. One End Closed protection tubes and sheaths.
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A wide range of sizes from tiny extruded rods to large isostatically-pressed ones.
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A range of standard shapes of crucibles, boats, combustion trays, plates, discs, cement and powders, in both dense and porous grades. 
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Custom-made Parts

We make a huge variety of parts to customer requirements.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.






FZY is an yttria (Y2O3) partially-stabilised zirconia.  This material has several interesting properties the most important being that at elevated temperatures it becomes an oxygen-ion conductor.  It is also highly corrosion resistant, and especially suitable for use when alumina would be attacked.  It is available as tubes, crucibles and custom-made components.  Click for detailed information


Corona Tubes

Plastics require surface treatment to allow adhesion of printing inks, paints etc.  One method of achieving this is by the use of an electrical discharge a corona frequently using alumina as a dielectric.  The high voltage resistance makes DEGUSSIT AL23 ideally suited to this application, and we have developed a special grade for this application area.  Click for detailed information



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